By Dr. Tim G Williams  |   Submitted On March 13, 2020

It was in 2001 when the World Trade Center came crashing down along with the other terrorist attack in Washington initiated a response that sent the world and the United States into a recession. Businesses across the spectrum hit the panic button and started laying off thousands all across the United States. It took a little over a year to recoup from all the economic fallout of those terrorists attacks. The thousands of lives lost and the billions of dollars wiped out of our economy was a direct result of what happened on 9/11.

Today, with the coronavirus virus that has turned into a pandemic which has swept around the world will hit the global economy harder than 9/11. We have already seen businesses shutting their doors, Athletic venues being canceled or postponed, college campuses and public schools closing while others are taking extraordinary measures in trying to curb the spread of this very infectious virus.

In rapid response through these actions and our government implementing travel bans have unleashed repercussions that are almost exactly what the businesses community did following 9/11. A global recession is already underway. There are steps governments can take to stem the effects of this recession. And, if we don’t we could very well cause a world wide Depression unlike anything we have seen.

The first thing government should do is establish a Universal Income of $1000 per month for each American over 21. Other countries should implement a similar proposal. Secondly, we should make available known remedies as soon as possible including the many herbal remedies that are not tied to the pharmaceutical industries. Like Colloidal Silver and the Bupleurum Chinese plant that are known combatants to this Coronavirus and others. We cannot wait for the Pharmaceutical industry, the FDA and the AMA to concoct a costly vaccine. To wait any longer without this vital information more people will succumb to this virus and we all will continue to suffer not only economically but our safety will still be in jeopardy.

The third step we should undertake is to provide local, regional, state, and national crisis centers where people can receive identical information in each center on the steps to protect themselves from becoming infected not only from this particular virus but when future epidemics occur. And, they will. These clinics will provide free meds, herbal remedies, vitamins and other essentials that protect the health and safety of all.

The fourth step involves setting up transport for those that are still in quarantine, those that are home bound and too sick to travel, and those who wish to remain isolated to protect themselves and avoid the spread of any type of illness. Only in this way can the spread of any illness whether it is this Cononavirus or not will soon decease. And finally have the CDC uniformly coordinate all efforts for every crisis center in reporting any medical threat such as this Coronavirus.

We all should be reminded about what caused this epidemic to reach a pandemic stage and understand why the cause occurred in the first place. One of the most obvious ones is the fact that global warming and the abrupt climate change we are experiencing is one of the largest contributors to why this virus has reach pandemic levels. And until we understand this and take corrective measures now to negate the effects that man continues to do to our environment we will continue to suffer the deadly consequences of our inaction.


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