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  1. Hi Chris: I’m a “retired guy” who has a number of interests which I’ve chosen to express thru my several blogs. They are listed on my primary blog’s “Blog Roll”. if you get the chance to check them out. You might share one or more of these interests if you are a former Marine, love Red Sportscars or are a wood-carver. I keep a folder in my PC’s documents I call “Novel Notes”. because, I dream of finishing these topical-notes into a larger narrative “one day”! I might pick-up a tip or two on your blog which I’m now following.Ciao, Bill Hamon

  2. Thanks for following my blog. I’m afraid I’m such a newbie at it, but am looking forward to reading your posts. Happy writing. ;-)

  3. Following my Blog. Thank you for following my Blog…I am a complete newbie and have been pressganged into this lol I was stunned to see someone who doesn’t know and owe me sign up … made my day :) And you have so many interesting topics for me to read thru … when my daughter allows!

    Oh, and I’m glad your not ‘that’ Chris Martin … he’s very talented but a little whiny lol A fate worse than, well most things in England :)

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