Another One Falls

Some new lyrics I wrote the other day. On my blog, I write a segment called Everyone Has a Story. Well, it’s true. We all have stories. Stories of pain, joy, love, hope, fear, failure… Our stories are what make us who we are. Since we’ve been working with One7, we’ve heard so many stories. I don’t have a degree in theology or anything, but I know how to love someone. We can know the Bible inside and out, but if we’re not actively following the example Jesus set for us, then what good are we really doing?

Living a life of ministry is more than checking off boxes on some religious to-do list. Reading the Bible isn’t going to save us. Going to church isn’t going to save us. Singing worship and lifting our hands isn’t going to save us. We need to get out of our comfort zone, where things aren’t always pleasant, and serve God. We need to have an intimate relationship with Jesus so we can be a light to this darkened world so full of lost souls with no hope.

Giving someone a hug can do more good than anything we could ever say.

Another One Falls
Copyright 2013 Chris Martin

(verse one)

In the empty silence of a broken heart
A young girl cries herself to sleep
So many people walk by with a smile
But can't see the pain she doesn't want to keep

If they don't stop to hear her story
They think she's fine, because outside she's smiling
If they would only look below the surface
They would see it's just a lie, because inside she's dying


And another one falls, another life we could have changed
Another soul that won't see the light of day
A story untold, cracked lines of a fragile heart
Written in the shadows, light it up, it only takes a spark

Be hope to the lost, give someone a second glance
Show them Jesus, the reason for our second chance
As another one falls, reach out and take their hand
Love is the language, anyone can understand

(verse two)

His daddy left, didn't stop to say goodbye
A young boy cries himself to sleep
When the people walk by, he fakes his smile
And hides the pain he doesn't want to keep

If we don't stop to hear his story
We think he's fine, because outside he's smiling
If we would only look below the surface
We would see it's just a lie, because inside he's dying

(repeat chorus)

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Have a blessed day,


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17 replies

  1. So true…..when we take the time to sit where people sit, we can feel what they feel and minister God’s love.

  2. I could hear Casting Crowns singing something like this. Humbling to consider.

  3. Beautiful lyrics. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Chris,
    The lyrics to your song enriched my life. You make it clear we should never fail to reach out to people because they may be in need, hurting, and cannot reach out to us. This is part of what being a Christian is all about. Thanks for your song.

  5. This moved me. Thank you for sharing. Actions could more than bragging about our religious beliefs. Sometimes all we need to do is smile at someone to show someone cares. Your song tugged at me because I’ve been that girl.

  6. Beautiful words that clearly come from a God filled heart.

  7. “Giving someone a hug can do more good than anything we could ever say.”

    Our Creator tells us this same thing: “Your voice shall be sweet, your word shall be sober ;a kiss of you will often do better than rhetoric.” The Revelation of Arès 23/6

  8. True enough. I can relate to it from the children’s point of view.

  9. a simple gesture of touch sometimes is more than enough.

  10. Reblogged this on The Life And Times Of MalindaNadine and commented:
    Lovee this song. Its beautiful and touched me. I can say it convicted me. Sometimes when we fall we Fail to realize we can always get back up.

  11. Wish I could hear the song rather than just read it :)

  12. your song is beautiful, and you’re so right; many people don’t really stop/slow down and pause to lend a patient ear or tender touch. z

  13. The key then is to open your heart and listen. Words to live by. Thank you, Chris.

  14. Thanks for your song. Story of my life. God has changed all that by His grace but it took 39 years for full deliverance. I pray more will learn to notice sooner.

  15. I am very impress with your song, in fact I love it, My wife and I have eight songs together,
    One was arranged by a big band and they play it every now and then. One band arranged it as a slow waltz, the other as a fast waltz. Keep up the good work.

  16. So true. Hugs are tiny bits of love that cost nothing.

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