Finally Got My Wings (Video Tribute)

I put together a tribute video with the lyrics I wrote. Just wanted to share that here.


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Have a blessed day,


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  1. Thank you for a beautiful tribute in such a terrible loss…I couldn’t help but pray as I watched this precious video…God Bless the families from this tragic event and our Nation as a whole.

  2. Chris, too solemn to say much, except “thank you” or touching others with the gift of hope and tranquility for those left behind. I know it wil take time to heal, and for some healing may never come. We have close friends who lost a twenty year old daughter a little over a year ago and the wound hasn’t closed, nor the questions stopped. My wife and I have been told by others who have lost a child that time rounds off the rough edges of the wound, but it never closes. This, I believe, is the case with all loved ones who leave us, especially unexpectedly. May all who hurt find relief in Him. Even though some may blame God, may they come to know He didn’t cause the pain, He wants to replace it with His love.

  3. I read the poem … it’s beautiful. When I can stop crying long enough, I might find strength to watch the video. Meanwhile, each tear is a prayer that the families left behind can feel the love of God and the peace it brings.

  4. Truly moving, Chris – so eloquently put. Thank you for writing this and sharing it with all of us.

  5. Beautiful Chris, thanks for writing this tribute.

  6. brought me to tears watching this..beautifully written..wishing & hoping none of this ever happen again..

  7. Beautiful, Chris. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  8. Reblogged this on daveyryuzaki and commented:
    A fitting tribute. RIP

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    May God be with the families this Christmas time. May He bring them healing and peace this holiday season. May he give them the strength to forgive so that the anger does not destroy their heart. May he help them through this difficult time and grant their families strength and courage.

  10. So moving. Thanks for sharing this with us all.

  11. Love it Chris! It was hard for me to watch. Like others, I cry whenever I see or hear something about this tragedy with a sick feeling in my stomach. But I love what you did. Very sweet.

  12. Beautiful tribute, Chris. You make it clear that the children will be in heaven with our loving Father when their parents arrive. Till then, although no one can understand why this happened, the children are a part of their loved ones and will be reunited when Christ comes to take us home.
    God Bless. Betsy

  13. Sitting here with tears, as this heartfelt tribute played. Thank God for people like you, who can put into words, the beauty of the children now with the Lord, angels, their wings, and alive in the other realm. This touching video sure helps all of us! Thanks so much for doing this, and sharing.

  14. This is truly beautiful Chris! the circumstances are sad, but your tribute will bring love to the families, friends and all affected.

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    Beautiful….had to share!

  16. Absolutely beautiful and so heartfelt! Good job! You have a wonderful talent!

  17. Chris -beautiful words, beautiful melody. But how I wish it was not written because of that dreadful event recently. You are truly gifted, Carina


  1. Sorry, there’s no “What if …” about this. It is most moving poetry I have read in a long time. « The "What If …" Blog

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