Love, Pain, and Song Lyrics

I’ll never forget the first thing I ever wrote. I was in school, and we were taking end of the year achievement tests. I finished the English section rather quickly and sat there waiting for everyone else to finish theirs. I started jotting down a poem on a piece of notebook paper. Before I knew it, I had completed my first writing project (outside of the usual school assignments). I was very excited, to say the least. I enjoyed making words rhyme, so I eventually started writing song lyrics. I’ve had a couple put to music, but most just sit on my computer with no melody.

Having moved to Charlotte and become actively involved with One7 for two years now, I’ve heard so many stories from the kids that would completely rip your heart out. Most of them have suffered through more pain already than I will ever have to face in a couple of lifetimes.

I wanted to share with you two songs that I’ve written. The first one is entitled Will You Love Me. This one describes most of the kids we work with at One7.

Will You Love Me
© 2011 Chris Martin/Chris Burnett

(verse one)

I show you my smile, but inside I'm hurting
My heart's on the brink of defeat
We talk for awhile, but inside I'm searching
For a love that's forgotten me

The marks on my arm, evidence of my shame
Why am I never good enough
You cry for my scars, but you don't know my pain
It feels like I'll never be loved


Can you hear my cry from the depths of my fear
Will you love me, will you love me
I can't explain why, but I don't want to be here
Will you love me, will you love me

(verse two)

I'm the girl in the crowd, the one you don't see
Hiding behind all my fears
I'm the boy who is loud, alive and carefree
I won't let you see all my tears

There is no love at home, I don't need all this pain
I have a heart no one will forgive
I am always alone, everyday just the same
I have no reason to live

(pre chorus)

If you would just let me in you would see
You're not that much different than me

(repeat chorus)

The next song I want to share is one that I wrote about my Dad. As I mentioned in a previous post, he passed away in October of 2008. It was an extremely distressing time for all of us. Dad and I used to play golf once a week, and one day I started thinking about those times we shared out on the golf course. I came up with this song. It’s entitled Dad Moment.

Dad Moment
© 2011 Chris Martin

(verse one)

I drove by the park today
Walked the course where we used to play
The grass is going to need a cut real soon

So many memories came to life
Wish I could turn back the time
I sure do miss those Monday afternoons

It was you and me in the fading sun
Just a boy and his Dad having so much fun

I know you're smiling down on this broken heart


I never knew pain could hurt this way
I remember everything you used to say
About life, about love and all the rest

I don't know why you had to leave
God took the strongest part of me
If forgetting is the answer, then I've failed the test

Forgive me this is where they start
Tear stains on the deepest part
It's just another Dad moment from my heart

(verse two)

The kids are growing up so fast
It's hard to live outside the past
They talk about you pretty much every day

Holidays and birthday wishes
They miss your hugs and your kisses
Nothing can replace your gentle way

Now it's you and me in the fading light
On my knees with a prayer tonight

Please ask God to heal Mom's broken heart

(repeat chorus)

Next week: Everyone Has a Story. Meet Hassan

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Have a blessed day,


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62 replies

  1. Maybe Coldplay should think about it… :-)

  2. Hi Chris, thanks for following my blog. You write such beautiful lyrics!! Love them!

  3. “I’m the girl in the crowd, the one you don’t see
    Hiding behind all my fears” – wonderful lines.
    You really have a wonderful blog up here. :)
    Here’s one I wrote for my dad :)

  4. These songs are beautiful. Here’s my favorite verse from the first song:

    I’m the boy who is loud, alive and carefree
    I won’t let you see all my tears

    As an after-school CEF Good News Club volunteer at a public elementary school, I see kids like this. They’re so loud and look so happy and carefree. Then they tug on our sleeves, begging to talk about seemingly nothing while they fight back the tears, afraid for us to see, yet so longing for someone to notice. Then we make one little caring comment…and the tears and words begin to flow.

    Thanks for liking my blog, btw!

  5. You’ve written such beautiful lyrics. Thanks for sharing your gift.

  6. Hi Chris, thanks for following blog, I just had a quick look through some of your stuff, I really like it. For someone that has suffered a substantial amount of pain early on in life, I connected with this song a great deal. Very moving. Thanks for sharing it with us. Lucy

  7. Well done, Martin. You capture emotion well in writing. I like your works. Thanks for bringing me to your blog.

  8. Thank you for visiting my blog. I appreciated the lyrics here. :) God bless.

  9. Talented and touching! Thanks for sharing with us! :)

  10. I read your lyrics, it’s awesome, and sorry about your father :(
    God bless you, and I hope one day you’ll achieve what you always wanted :)

    And thanks for following me :)

  11. Two beautiful, touching lyrics. Nicely done.

  12. Beautiful lyrics! I especially loved the one you wrote to your father.. I could feel the warmth through it and I could imagine the wonderful relationship you had with your father. Thank you so much for sharing with us.

  13. I recently started attending a songwriters club which meets once a month (See post “Storytelling in a Song”). Although I am a writer, I have not ever written a song. However, I am amazed by the depth of what is written and the stories told in about 3 minutes. Yours is also good, and you could probably find musicians who would help put a melody to them. Thanks for sharing!

  14. You write really good poetry! Where can we hear the actual songs? ;) Thanks for following!

  15. I almost had a heart attack when I saw your name on my “followed” list! I thought that Chris Martin from Cold Play had come to visit on Serendipity Farm! You are not a bad second choice though and not too far removed from Chris Martin in the environmental and caring stakes ;). I, too, love to write. It pours out of me in monumental blog posts that take a marathon read to get through. Loved the lyrics…maybe you can sell them to Chris? He seems to be running out of poignant and meaningful lyrics of late. I really admire people who volunteer. When we lived in Launceston (Tasmania) we (Steve and I) used to volunteer at the local Salvation Army to make food for the homeless. When we moved 50km away and became full time penniless student hippies we couln’t carry on BUT I have some plans to start a local community garden and produce markets in the local district as well as teaching people how to cook healthy low cost nutrient rich food at our local community centre. You get so much more out of giving to the community than you would imagine. A community full of hope is a rich and resilient community. Cheers for following my blog (and almost giving me a heart attack ;) ) and hopefully you find something of worth in my humble mutterings from post to post…best get a cup of coffee for the duration though because no matter how I try, I can’t get those posts down much lower than 2800 words! Maybe I should write a book! ;)

  16. Thanks so much for liking my blog! Beautiful lyrics. Warm sympathy for your grief at the loss of your Dad. I envy you the precious relationship you had with him – even the pain of loss. Lovely memories.

  17. great lyrics…

  18. So very poignant. Thanks for working with these young people and for remembering your dad.

  19. My Mom has a piano that needs to be tuned that she wants to use to pick out melodies on, My Mom tells me to let u know she enjoyed your poems very much. I paw the odd piece of poetry myself at times…


  20. Wow those are some amazing lyrics. The “will you love me” one is moving

  21. Great and lovely lyrics, i wish i can hear the melody :D

  22. Impressive writing. I would love to be able to write songs, but somehow it is a skill that escapes me. Thanks for the like on my blog. I am now following yours.

  23. Wow… very tender and touching! I’m finding you’re an amazing writer. :D

  24. Pretty darn good. I especially liked the “Will You Love Me” one. Very touching.

  25. They’re both great songs. I really love the one about your dad – a beautiful tribute!

  26. I am sure God uses your tender heart and words with the lives you touch through your teaching and writing. Thanks for sharing. God bless you!

  27. Touching lyrics. You’re very talented Chris! Thanks for sharing.

  28. I love your song lyrics. Both songs are deep and raw emotion, it’s palpable. You have a way with words, has anyone told you that? (Kidding, of course. You’re a writer!)

  29. Great lyrics with so much depth!

  30. You’re such an amazing lyricist. :)

    I do apologies for my absence. I’ve been feeling a little under the weather. But now, I am feeling great and back to reading blogs and blogging again. :)

  31. Wonderful songs. Both touched me in different ways.


  32. Thanks so much for visiting and now following my blog! I appreciate it:) Keep on blogging:)

  33. Great lyrics. Can’t wait to hear the melody

  34. Unfortunately for me I have difficulty deriving the music to go with lyrics without a score. Intellectually I know adding music makes a huge difference but every time I read lyrics part of my mind sees a poem with something missing.

    Both sets of lyrics have emotive moments, so I suspect they would really move me if I heard them set to music.

  35. Thank you for sharing those songs. Thank you too for working with those kids they really need a lot of love.

  36. Dad Moment is very beautiful, Chris… both songs are, but this one tugged at my heart strings since my father passed away a couple years ago. He was my rock! Thank-you for sharing and for inspiring me to reflect this morning, friend. Blessing to you for a joyful week to come :D

  37. wow..amazing…needed the kleenex..thanks for sharing..

  38. “Will you love me?” echoes my childhood. Thank you for putting it into words.

  39. Lovely, touching, from the heart…found myself playing with melodies…

    Like you, I’ve written a number of songs over the years — mostly, the sad and soulful kind…guess it’s the way I’m made.

    Thanks for your good work with the kids…so many are forgotten…

    My very best to you,

    Billy Ray

  40. What some kids go through breaks my heart! ..I’m very grateful for my adult life,but I would never want my childhood again.
    The song you wrote about your! moving and honest! Paula xx

  41. Beautiful. You should have your lyrics released. Love them.

  42. Thank you Chris for sharing a part of your life through your song lyrics. They were very moving.

  43. Thank you for sharing, Chris. Your second song about your dad is very touching.

  44. What a beautiful song. Thank you for sharing a piece of your life!

  45. As usual, you have me in a muddle of tears! Don’t stop writing your lyrics . . .

  46. Reblogged this on verum intus, fulsi vacuus and commented:
    It takes a lot to mould it and the effort takes on a magnificance, speaking of nobility and beauty to our heart …

  47. was just having a discussion about troubled teens so your post came at a great time. thanks….

  48. Nice poems, but the poem about your dad touched my heart because I also miss my late father it’s really heard to forget him.

  49. well done you … and lovely words

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