The American Soldier

I finished this up and decided not to wait so long to post it. We’ll consider this a bonus post today. It’s called The American Soldier.

The American Soldier
Copyright 2012 Chris Martin

In the fading sun, you can see them standing tall
The fearless men and women, unafraid to risk it all
So far away, they fight even when it doesn't make sense
While we sleep inside the safety of our white picket fence

A father sits in silence, a wrinkled picture in his hand
With each tear that slowly falls, he prays they understand
They are his world, but sometimes life keeps them apart
He gently touches each face, as the pain consumes his heart

A mother holds her breath, smoke and chaos all around
When the bomb exploded, it knocked them all to the ground
An innocent boy, caught in the middle, lying broken and all alone
She picks up her rifle and thinks about her son back home

Each day goes by, one more closer to the end
Sometimes they aren't even sure, if they will make it home again
They cast aside the fear and doubt, there's no time to be afraid
If duty calls for sacrifice, they will wear honor all the way to the grave

A son trembles as the darkened sky flashes under the attack
He knows they're counting on him, to always have their back
With determination that stems from the very soul of a warrior
He continues forward, step by step behind his brothers

A daughter holds a young girl's hand, tries to gently calm her fears
So many children wander with nowhere to go, dirty faces washed with tears
She holds her close and whispers that everything will be alright
Nothing will stop her from keeping the little one safe tonight

Without hesitation, they leave everything behind for the cause
They rush headlong into the battle, when most might stop and pause
They give up the comforts of an ordinary life
And lay it all down, in service, to protect our rights

From wars that have come and gone, the crimson stains run deep
Memories of the ones we lost, now resting in eternal sleep
Their legacy lives inside the very backbone of the red, white, and blue
Raise Old Glory high, everything they sacrificed was for me and you

Through the history of time, men and women have always answered the call
Promised to never give up, even when some of them fall
They took an oath to defend the constitution against enemies of any kind
But no matter what the cost, they will never leave another soldier behind

When you kneel at your bed and say those prayers tonight
Remember the ones, a world away, who continue to fight
Fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters join together as one
They carry the cry of freedom into the shadows of a fading sun

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Have a blessed day,


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71 replies

  1. you captured the soldier very well..
    Thank you for that
    Take Care…

  2. Great writing. As the veteran I am, thank you as well, for your recognition of all those who have served, and are serving.

  3. a very heartfelt beautiful poem. thank you for sharing!

  4. Wonderful tribute.

  5. Beautiful, sir. Thank you for sharing that amazing, heartfelt piece. My brother served our country for… 24-years if my math is correct, finally retiring (after three previous attempts as a Lt Col from USMC, Force Recon (hopefully his retirement “sticks” this time!). Also, an amazing and dear friend of mine, MAJ Jason E. George — a graduate from West Point who went on to earn a master’s from the University of Michigan — and two other members of his team 1st Lt Leevi K. Barnard and Sgt. Paul F. Brooks, was KIA on 21 May 2009 after being called-in from the Reserves, and having only been there for 17-days. May they rest in peace. The words written above mean a lot to me, and they would have to “JG,” as we called Jason, as well. Also, thank you for following my blog @ … I will not likely post very often but when I do, you could bet that they will be in the same vein as my first. Kindest regards, riceme0112358

  6. As a Navy Veteran and Father if a Soldier, I thank you for your wonderful post! Hear Hear!

  7. Love this poem! I used to write poetry too when I was younger. Life kept me too busy so now I just sit and read other people’s poetry. Maybe one day I’ll start it up again.

  8. Huge “Like”.

  9. Thanks for the follow! What beautiful words to capture the essence of The American Soldier. I also love that you “Write Clean”…I wish more authors would.

  10. Chris, thank you for writing this. It conveys exactly how I feel towards the members of our armed forces that keep us safe. Thank you also for following Ate New York. Jesse

  11. Sir, I’m currently one of these deployed Soldiers.  I want to thank you for writing this, it makes my heart fill with pride to read these words describing the brothers and sisters in arms that I see day after day.   There is a lot of sacrifice and its a way of life we chose, but its still wonderful to hear words of appreciation from the people who live in the country we serve.



  12. Wow. You should have a line about how all places is someones home, and how everyone believes they are on gods side, still, fighting for freedom for you, is securing the fake economy both our nations have become so dependent on.
    good poem,

  13. This is beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  14. From an Army daughter, wife and mother…thank you…beautifully stated. I will be sharing with my military parents group. Blessings – Patty

  15. So well written .Will touch many. Or should do .

  16. Great post, hope you won’t mind me saying it puts me very much in mind of a Johnny Cash song called, I think “Singing in Vietnam Talking Blues”. Peace is importnat, somebody has to keep it for us.

  17. Beautiful, Chris–and thanks for the follow!

  18. I loved the parallel images of “a father sits in silence…” and “a mother holds her breath…” and the way each person is suffering. It’s a beautiful tribute of what people take for granted. I am the very proud wife and Mom of kids who all served in the Israeli Military and I appreciate the respect you show for members of the U.S. Armed Forces.
    Lyrical and moving!

  19. wonderfully expressed the soldier’s duty,his life an dthe lives that surround sketched the whole topic perfectly.Thanks for being on my blog..its really nice being here.

  20. You’ve written a lovely poem here.
    (And a belated thanks for following my blog.)

  21. Wonderful tribute to our wonderful Military! It’s so nice to know that some people realize what they do each and ever day. Thank you!

  22. Beautiful writing, one can literally imagine being on that place……you are without a doubt an artist of words my friend…. two thumbs up from my side

  23. Good poem! My nephew just graduated from officer training in the British Army and may well be headed to Afganistan next spring. All soliders in the fight for freedom against terrorism are worthy of this poem too. Thanks for creating it!

  24. Amazing piece right here, Chris. Amazing.

  25. Being a military member myself this hits deep. I’m in the Navy and we are more often then not away from our family and loved ones. I have been lucky the passed 2 years to have been stationed shore side but so many of my friends are tied to the ships or even in the middle east. Here’s to hoping for safe returns.

  26. Beautiful post. A dear friend of mine just returned from Afghanistan about 6 months ago. :)

  27. The story is very thought-provoking.

  28. Appreciate your following my blog. I have read through several of your postings and have found them thought provoking and engendering wonderful commentary. Cool.

  29. Hi Chris, lovely poem! War is part of everyday life it seems, but people are sometimes indifferent to the suffering and anguish – especially when they are not affected directly.
    I don’t think I have seen the “Old Glory” reference to the American flag before, but now I know!
    I think I caught a typo (“or” instead of “of” – probably a slip of the finger – “r” is on top of “f” on my keyboard :-) in “While we sleep inside the safety or our white picket fence”
    And thanks for following me on my blog. I am following you as well after I read some of your posts!

  30. Hi Chris, lovely poem. Not sure I have seen the “Old Glory” reference to the American flag before, but now I know!
    I think I caught a small typo (“or” instead of “of”) in “While we sleep inside the safety or our white picket fence”
    And thanks for following me on my blog! I am following you as well after reading some of your posts!

  31. I loved reading this poem. Your words convict me to pray more for those serving our country (us!).

    Also, thank you for following my blog.


  32. Beautiful heart-felt words Mr. Martin. Indeed they do carry the cry of freedom into the shadows of a fading sun. As a former Marine, Article 6 of the Marine Code of Conduct for us states – “I will never forget that I am an American, fighting for freedom, responsible for my actions, and dedicated to the principles which made my country free. I will trust in my God and in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA”. Thank you for lifting up our American fighting forces.

  33. Having visited Normandy earlier this year, this post really strikes a cord with me. Seldom have I been so touched by a place and what it stood for.

  34. Thanks so much for following Relm Of Dreams, I shall enjoy following your blog as well.

  35. Hi Chris,
    Great poetry. I’m happy to find someone who’s both into writing literary pieces and computer work. If you are ever over on LinkedIn, feel free to join Working Writers and share your wisdom.

  36. Beautiful story! It amazes me how many poets I find on wp that are guys. I know you do more than just that on here…. Thanks for stopping by Keeping up with Carol :)

  37. My favorite part: “A father sits in silence, a wrinkled picture in his hand
    With each tear that slowly falls, he prays they understand
    They are his world, but sometimes life keeps them apart
    He gently touches each face, as the pain consumes his heart”
    This is the reality in my house as we prepare for my husbands next deployment. Thank you for your words, this is beautifully written.

  38. Very nice, sir, my sentiments, exactly. you will find some similar sentiments a few on either side of “9/11″ on my sonnet blog if you care to take a look.

  39. Thanks Chris. Really wonderfully written. All choked up now, and yes will try to remember to say that pray X

  40. Hi Chris,

    Great piece.

    Love the line “So many children wander with nowhere to go, dirty faces washed with tears”

    So evocative.

    Kudos, my friend.

  41. This is absolutely beautiful. Made me even tear up slightly. Agree with one of the posters above who said it applies to any soldier, American or not.

  42. Very humbling post, Chris. Thank you, on behalf of my fiancĂ© who’s a soldier.

  43. This was really phenomenal. So many give, so that we can rest easy.

  44. This is a great tribute to the men and women that serve, and although titled “The American Soldier” I believe it can be applied to soldiers of any nationality that stand up for the unfortunate, weak and downtrodden. Nice work.

  45. Chris … I’m pretty certain you and I probably disagree on a lot, but this poem is something that needs to be spread and shared. Well done. The people who serve need to be honored and supported.

  46. Got me in the gut…all my senses are ablaze…beautifully written..

  47. Hey Chris, I’m a UK Veteran and just wanted you to know I really like this poem. Just one extra thought – we don’t have that same connection to the old red,white & blue. – in the British Army its about your mates. No-one left behind.

  48. Well said! They have one of the hardest, scariest jobs out there and deserve our appreciation.

  49. One word… Wow! Excellently written.

  50. I really appreciate your poem. Our daughter recently finished commissioned officers’ training for the Air Force and is doing nine weeks of preparation for JAG. She’s already been separated from her husband, challenged physically and mentally, and gone through six weeks of training without getting paid yet! Those are small sacrifices compared to the ones made by many others, but we’re very proud that she is committed to serving her country.

  51. Beautiful. I am of the age that I had neighbors die in Vietnam. I am always amazed at the sacrifice these young men and their families make. Thank you for this, I am forwarding to several friends.

  52. I have nothing but admiration for our men and women serving in the military. My step grandson is currently serving in the Marines. Two of my nephews are in the Army. One is a West Point graduate. I grew up in the Army. You said it right.

  53. Beautiful. Left me speechless…


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