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Addiction to Adoption

I was a slave to pornography. From an early age and for the next 33 years, it ensnared me and nearly ruined my entire life. It threatened to destroy my marriage, tried to annihilate trust and distort all my relationships. I tried stopping on my own, believing I had the power within me to overcome, but every attempt ended in utter failure. Each time I stumbled, I promised myself and God I would never do it again. The next time it happened, I said the same thing. And the next time. And the next.

The Forgotten

Dillon Bledsoe has been in prison for seven years. In this continuation of The Stranger, Dillon is lost, searching for hope and determined to uncover the truth about the night several high school girls were murdered. He meets the mysterious Jonathan Maynard who offers assistance in exonerating him, but one startling revelation after another cause Dillon to question the man's motives. Confused and unsure who to trust, Dillon returns to Seal Bay in an attempt to clear his name.

The Stranger

Something horrible happened eight years ago in the small coastal town of Seal Bay. Six high school girls were killed and dumped into the bay by a man named Lance Puckett. It was a crime which ripped apart a community and left emotional scars that time would never heal. A calm morning in Seal Bay is shattered by the appearance of a stranger who bears a striking resemblance to Lance. Has he come back to dig up memories from the past, or could this man be a drifter, just passing through?

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Free From A 33 Year Porn Addiction

See how God set me free from an addiction that nearly stole everything good I ever had in my life.

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