A Change

I’ve had this blog for several years, and it’s been awesome interacting with readers. There have been some great insights and interesting discussions on my posts. Having said that, I believe it’s time for a change. I’m going to disable… Read More ›

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  • Is God Mysterious?


    The quick answer to the question is simply, no. God is not mysterious. We have this view of God sitting somewhere up in Heavenly realms, surrounded by a glowing aura, guarded by Gabriel and a host of other angels. Completely… Read More ›

  • Amazing review for I Was There

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    A blogger friend, Jessie Lambert, wrote an amazing review for I Was There. Please visit her blog at and show some love. A few weeks ago, author Chris Martin  invited bloggers to review his book I Was There.  As an incentive to review… Read More ›

  • Identity Crisis


    Brothers and Sisters, the Church is in trouble. I’m not talking about the four-walled building we attend twice a week, the little c. I mean the bride of the living Savior, the big C. The body of Christ is stumbling… Read More ›

  • The story of Job (Stop blaming God for everything)


    A while back, I wrote a post entitled God on Trial. As Christians, we’ve been taught such a damaging view of God. That He allows bad things to happen. That He makes people sick in order to teach them something…. Read More ›

  • I Believe


    I’ve been working on a second collection of first person Bible stories entitled I Believe. I hope to have it available for sale at some point in December. Wanted to give you a sneak peek of what’s in store for… Read More ›

  • Our Example


    Imagine yourself as a Roman soldier. You look up at the man hanging on the Cross. You are covered in his blood because you’re one of the men responsible for beating the prisoner so badly, that he was rendered unrecognizable…. Read More ›

  • Fall of Man


    Can you imagine being Adam? I mean, one minute you’re dust, the next you wake up to God Himself breathing life into your nostrils. Boom. You’re a living, breathing being. The first ever created. Come on, think with me here…. Read More ›

  • The Gospel


    Just wanted to share an amazing video (one of many) from Dan Mohler. I’ve never in my life heard anyone preach the Gospel so clear. I’ve been watching a lot of his videos. He never has sermon notes, fancy catchphrases,… Read More ›

  • Let Us Remember

    marine crying

    Independence Day always stirs within me thoughts of young men and women who have sacrificed so much throughout the timeline of history. From a young boy with trembling hands griped tightly around his one-shot musket, to the girl, just barely… Read More ›


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