But, that was Jesus

Stop saying that! We use the phrase as an excuse when we don’t see things happen. Jesus was a human, born of woman, grew from a child to a man, got baptized by John the Baptist, and left the Jordan River filled with the Holy Spirit. Then he modeled the Christian life for 3 years. […]

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Stop trying so hard

There are so many things we strive for in this life. Happiness, success, peace, joy, recognition…the list could go on for quite a while. The world believes all those things are possible if we just work hard enough. Just put in a little more effort to reach goals. Don’t let anything get in our way. […]

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Our Identity

Our identity isn’t found in our ability to sin. Our identity is found in Christ. Just because we have the ability to sin, we believe we’re nothing more than worms trying not to do wrong things. We are sons and daughters of the King. We were bought with a price. Let’s walk in righteousness. Once […]

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