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Life is beautiful and hard, full of joy and tragedy. Life is measured in breathtaking moments, sometimes encompassed in mystery..

MoreJune 30, 2016
A man looks over an impromptu candle-lit memorial set up in Sydney, Monday, June 13, 2016, following the Florida mass shooting at the Pulse Orlando nightclub where police say a gunman wielding an assault-type rifle opened fire, killing dozens of people and wounding others. Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said that the Orlando mass shooting was "an attack on all of us — on all our freedoms, the freedom to gather together, to celebrate, to share time with friends." (AP Photo/Rick Rycroft)
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A prayer for Orlando

Our hearts are broken. We too are fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters. We have experienced great loss and tragedy. We..

MoreJune 16, 2016